The Power of YOU

The Power of YOU Conference

Whistler this Week

By Jennifer Miller
Transforming society, one person at a time ‘Power of You’ conference Oct. 6 and 7 at Millennium Place, Whistler
The concept behind the event is “the world comes to Whistler and Whistler gives back to the world,” Oswald said. With fun events, seminars and workshops, participants can grow and improve their own lives. But change on a broader level begins with individuals — so improving one person has far-reaching effects.
“It’s a community event with long-reaching arms,” she said.
The other way the Power of You reaches beyond individuals in Whistler is that profits from the event will be donated to AWARE, a local environmental group that works towards the protection and sustainability of the natural world in the Whistler area.
“The goal is to help expand our own consciousness and at the same time impact world change,” Oswald said.
The Power of You begins on Friday night (Oct. 6) with an opening event that features music and dance entertainment, activity stations, guest speakers including an address from Whistler Mayor Ken Melamed, and a presentation from AWARE on climate change.
The grand prize winner of the Whistler… Pay it Forward campaign will also be announced that evening.
Saturday (Oct. 7) is a full day of seminars on wide-ranging topics and led by talented speakers who have all donated their time and expertise for the event.
One of the highlights is Hugh McClelland’s workshop “The Spirit of Laughter in Daily Life.” He will teach participants how to use laughter as a purposeful tool for health, stress relief, meditation, exercise and other benefits.
“(It’s) a very transformational workshop,” Oswald said.
The feature workshop, “Law of Attraction,” is led by renowned author Michael Losier and provides concrete tools on how to attract positive people and things into your life.
Other workshop topics include everything from relationship skills to home building and renovating tips. The workshops are interactive and participatory.
“It’s more live and learn rather than listen and learn,” Oswald said.
She said feedback from past Power of You events has been incredible, with participants reporting that they not only learned things that were applicable to their daily lives but that the experience was transformational.
“We often don’t think we have any power,” she said. “What can one person do? But we can really do so much.”