Chopra urges global ‘family of compassion’

Deepak Chopra

The Question

By Reporter: Jennifer Miller
Peace starts with internal commitment: author Deepak Chopra
With aggressive language for projects and movements that are supposed to be positive, it’s no wonder even peace activists are angry. Everything from the War on Drugs to the War on Poverty uses metaphors for violence instead of a language of peace.
“Everything’s a war,” Dr. Deepak Chopra said to a crowd of about 1,000 people last Thursday (Aug. 2) at a large community event at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler.
The Alliance for a New Humanity, a global organization of which Chopra is an active member, is hoping to change the dialogue and change the world for the better. The alliance was the focus of Chopra’s talk at the local event.
He said every mind that is at peace adds to the overall peace of the world, and if more people become peaceful the world will become more peaceful. It’s a simple idea that just needs to be put into practice, he said.
The goal of the alliance is to connect groups of people all over the world who aren’t happy with the current conditions of war, poverty and injustice. Connecting groups who want to make a change will create the critical mass necessary for change on a global level, Chopra said.
The idea is to create a global culture of compassion, unity and peace. The current state of the world is a reflection of ourselves, so we need to change the conversation, he said.
“The new world will be a family, a family of compassion,” Chopra said. “The world is our family.”
The Alliance for a New Humanity began at a conference in 2001, shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks, Chopra said. The international group identified a need for a new way to look at the problems of the world.
The alliance came up with three steps to create change. First, in the words of Gandhi, “be the change you want to see in the world,” Chopra said.
The second step is to take action because “love without action is meaningless and action without love is irrelevant,” he said. Finally, share your passion with other people to create the critical mass necessary for global change.
“I invite you to be the change,” Chopra said.
Chopra was in Whistler last week for a six-day spiritual retreat called “Seduction of Spirit.” Though he has visited and spoken at events in Vancouver many times, it was his first time in Whistler.
Chopra has authored more than 40 books and is known for his ideas that combine the technology of western medicine with eastern wisdom. In addition to his work with the Chopra Centre and the Alliance for a New Humanity, he’s also working with the United Nations on leadership training for women and young people in developing nations.
Local organizers Kelly Oswald, Laurin Kyle Boyle, Glenn Iles and Michael Symonds are continuing to hold Be the Change events to keep the momentum going and continue to connect people who are working for change.