Be the Change for Kids Authors

A professional music producer and audio engineer, Ben is a DJ in Whistler and Vancouver B.C. Canada. He is currently creating his own music and developing content for a video platform. He is a lover of nature,a skier, biker and seeker of unity and understanding.

In the midst of his Red Seal Apprenticeship, Ian is a food and sports guy. An avid Canucks fan, he plays on his own men’s hockey team – his favorite sport since the age of seven.

Michelle grew up loving animals and always dreamt of working in a veterinary clinic, now a vet assistant she continues to search for other opportunities to work beside animals. Currently she volunteers at a marine mammal rescue and studies the subjects that interest her at Capilano university. Shortly after high school graduation she moved to Whistler where she found her husband. They now live on the north shore with their 17 year old adopted cat, Jimmy.

AKA Mom, Auntie Kelly.
She is privileged to have had a multitude of opportunities to delve into charitable endeavours, allowing her to actively ‘Be the Change’. Fundraising efforts both locally and internationally include: ‘Be the Change’ with Deepak Chopra at Whistler, UNICEF’s aid for Darfur, Africa, The Strong Children Foundation at Bali, Indonesia, and the Children of Leonardo Gastelum, Baja California Sur, Mexico. She has also been able to share these experiences with her own children.
Kelly’s published works include Your Passion, Your Business, the Buddha Nature Deck & Guidebok, and Be The Change Cards: Inspiration for Transformation (co-authored). With her children , she helped create Be the Change for Kids and Remember, as Far as Anyone Knows, We are a Nice, Normal Family (2013).

An active member of the Oswald Rent-a-Kid Program, Julia says she feels very fortunate to be a part of this exciting project with her awesome relatives.  Cousin Julia, is a Renaissance Girl. She is involved in just about everything. The ultimate book-worm,  movie-buff, rugby player and Best Buddies Co-coordinator, Julia keeps herself busy. Julia began her school’s chapter in grade 9 and Best Buddies, an international  club in high-schools and universities whose goal is to unite student volunteers with their peers living with intellectual and developmental disabilities, has run successfully for two years. Now in grade 11, Julia is involved in the Duke of Edinburgh program, is learning guitar, studying French and Spanish and is training for a 1/2 Marathon. A kind and caring girl, Julia is enthusiastic in any project she puts her mind to and is a gosh darn great person to hang out with.

Well, James didn’t really write the BTC for Kids, but he was there when it all happened. He kept the fires burning (literally, we don’t have heat at our cabin), cooked us meals, cracked jokes and put in his two cents now and then.

BE the CHANGE cards for Kids (copyright 2012)
Inspired, written and created by: Ian and Michelle Oswald, Ben Oswald, Julia Pinnock and Kelly Oswald

Our wish is to inspire transformation through a greater awareness of one’s daily thoughts, actions and feelings. Positive shifts in human awareness form a chain reaction, making the world a happier place to be.

Cover Artwork by Julia Pinnock
Graphic Design by Kelly Oswald
Content Editor, Shannon (age 7)
On-line Colouring Pages by Julia Pinnock